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I hadn't been away since my girls moved in over a year ago. But with a long weekend booked, I was really worrying about what to do with the ladies. As ex-batts, some of them need special care and I was very concerned about finding someone who would understand them. I gave Fowlty Towers a call and asked if I could take a look round. The facilities are clean and spacious and it was clear that Julie would really look after the girls. I dropped them off a week later and they rushed across the grass, not looking back!

When I came to collect them, they were all asleep on the grass with lovely full crops. They were very content. It was such a relief to know they were in safe and caring hands. Julie also has an excellent poultry vet so I knew that if anything happened the girls would get expert care.

Julie is a real hen expert and Fowlty Towers really is like a holiday for the hens. I think they were sorry to come home! I've already booked another week away and have reserved space at Fowlty Towers for the ladies!

Five Stars, highly recommended.

Elly Wood


Happy Stay at the Hen Hotel

We checked our girls into Fowlty towers as we wanted a weekend to thoroughly clean their hen house and also have the luxury of a lay in rather than the normal 5:30 rise and shine. On arrival Julie had kindly kept her hens in, so the girls would be less stressed and could explore their new surroundings. They quickly explored the secure grazing area and the luxury of a Omlet Eglu where they would be spending a couple of nights.

Julie's passion and love for hens shone through from the first time we met, putting us completely at ease with leaving our girls. We were able to relax for the next couple of days knowing they would be well cared for.

We have no hesitation in recommending Julie and Fowlty towers. We will be booking another visit before the year is out. The only downside was the girls have now requested an Eglu of their own..

Many thanks

Paul, Eunice and the girls.


When we went away for two weeks in January, we were delighted to find Julie to look after our three girls. It's wonderful to be able to go away and know that they will be well-looked after, and by someone so knowledgeable and experienced with chickens. We knew that they were in very safe hands. Not only did she obviously care about our girls straight away, but she both collected and returned them, meaning our holiday started and ended with considerably less rushing around than usual! We are so pleased to have Julie nearby and will be happily sending our chickens to stay with her whenever we go away - and I know they're delighted about this too!



Julie came highly recommended through a friend and I was certainly not dissappointed by the level of service she provided, if anything, I was overawed by Julie's outstanding dedication and motherly kindness towards my hens. Her obvious expertise of hen keeping further reassured me that my girls were in excellent hands.

I wholeheartedly recommend Julie to anyone considering using Fowlty Towers. Your girls will be loved and well looked after in top-notch housing leaving you worry free about their welfare. A big thank you from Flo, Doris, Peggy & Queenie, who look forward to their next holiday with 'Auntie Julie'


What a relief to find Julie!

We were planning our first holiday abroad in years and with a 6 month old baby in tow, already had quite alot to think about. I was starting to worry about our three girls and didn't want someone to just drop by feed them and then there was the rather brave local fox to think about too. But Julie immediately put our minds at ease. She came and collected our birds the day before we went away and returned them the evening we got back. We even received a text when we arrived on holiday to say they had settled in nicely. What a great service!

The birds clearly had lovely time; when they returned they looked in superb condition, were very relaxed and continued laying with no problems at all.

Julie is clearly very experienced in caring for poultry and shows a real love for them. The service she offers is first class, her prices very reasonable and we thoroughly recommend her to anyone who really cares for their birds.

Andrew and Mandy Somerville


If you want someone who will truly care for your hens look no further than Fowlty Towers.

There is always a concern any time a pet is put into a boarding home, more so if its the first time which it was for us. I have to say that Julie put our minds at rest straight away, she is very knowledgeable, kind, and was dedicated to the care of our hens, her pick-up and drop-off service was ideal for us.

Keeping chickens is first for us, we've only had our 3 girls for 9 months now and we was trying to find someone to look after them and thankfully a friend remembered Fowlty Towers. Our girls stayed for a week, we have booked our girls in again and will continue to do so in the future without hesitation!

Thank you again Julie for taking such good care of our girls!

Marie & Michael


My 3 chickens have stayed at Fowlty Towers with Julie and have had a wonderful holiday! They were so well looked after in a lovely environment. Julie provides an excellent service and I have already booked them in for all our future holiday plans! Thank you Julie!

Clair Thornton


My thanks go to Julie (and family) for taking such good car of my hens welcome while I was away... They seem to have had a wonderful time and came back bright and happy ...and in wonderful condition. In fact they were so happy that one of my elderly girls started laying again....! The accommodation was excellent...and they had a good variety of food to enjoy. Even more than this, Julie obviously adores chickens, and spends a lot of time and effort to make them very welcome at her lovely hen hotel.

Thank you so much Julie.... I'll be back......


When our family went on holiday, we had one too with Auntie Julie at Fowlty Towers. She was very kind and we had a lovely time. It was very hot when we arrived so she gave us lovely cool melon as a treat! We'd never had it before, though we get all sorts of other treats at home. We asked for it at home and now we get it there too sometimes! We want to book a holiday with Auntie Julie again sometime when our family's away. She understands us very well and took great care of us!

From Hetty and Flora