Hello and Welcome

The best place for any hen is always in their own environment, but this isn't always possible such as when you go on holiday. Any hens staying at 'Fowlty Towers' are treated as if they were part of my own flock. They get all the love and affection I adorn on my girls, not mentioning the numerous treats, greens, fruit and fresh water twice a day.

If you think this is somewhere your hens would be happy whilst you are away, moving house, or just want a couple of days off from an early start , then 'Fowlty Towers' is the place for them.

If you have any questions or queries or would like to drop by to see for yourself how your hens will be cared for, then please get in touch.

Thanks for finding me and I look forward to meeting you and your hens in the not too distant future.

Julie X x