My name is Julie and I Love Chickens! I have 10 girls of my own, one point-of-lay, Penny who is now ten (my old girl). Those that I have hatched include; Bernie, Freddie, Eddie and Georgie, all these girls are nine. I also have Rebecca (named after my daughter, although not by me), she came from Omlet and is a Ginger Ranger. Unfortunately, her owner could no longer care for her; she has been with me for two years and is four. The remainder of my flock are all ex-battery hens of various ages. I started rehoming ex-battery hens (now known as ex-commercial hens) five years ago. These 'little girls' make perfect family pets, I cannot recommend them enough.

I also have two house-rabbits, sisters Poppy and Daisy who I rehomed five years ago. They have full-run of my garden which they access through the cat flap. The most recent additions to my home are three cats, Kirk, Picard and Janeway (siblings). I rehomed them over a year ago from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

I am a volunteer for Fresh Start for Hens, who rehome ex-battey hens now known as ex-commercial hens. I write a blog, where I share information about free range friendly products and inform about products containing eggs which come from caged or barn hens.

If you would like more information, you can find ways of contacting me on the contact page. I am always happy to 'chat chicken'.